Team Århus - Odense FC Damer 6 - 4

08. November 2014, kl. 12.30

Team Aarhus - Black Swans Damer

Nine brave Black Swans (Simone, Sofie, Nika, Nina, Mie, Malin, Jeanette, Lisbeth and Rikke) were ready to face Team Århus on Saturday, 8.11.2014. We have came on the field with a certain goal, to do our best in order to take 3 points to Odense. We started with very offensive tactics which led to a quick goal scored by Nika after a nice backhand shot. That made really big smiles on our faces. It was a long time ago, since we scored the goal in time 2:48. Team Århus was a bit shocked, but their answer was very clear - they scored in time 3:37. Both teams continued playing offensive floorball with many good chances on both sides. Unfortunately, there was some misunderstanding between the bench and the players on the field and Team Århus scored another goal in time 14:28. The Swans were of course sad and started to push harder, but Team Åhus scored another goal in time 17:33. The firs period finished 3:1 for Team Århus .

We started the second period with the same tactics. Girls were really active in attacking the opponent team and sometimes making really high preassure with dangerous shots, but it was not enough and Team Århus scored again in time 27:31. At that time, we were loosing 1:4, and this might have been the cause of very unfocused game in which Team Århus scored again, in time 29:39. We therefore took a time out, to stress out again what is our game and to clear our heads from the bad and sad thoughts. From now on, the girls were much more focused and the game started to be really good, we had really dangerous shots, but no goals were scored. In time 31:48 Rikke got a penalty for hard play. It has to be mentioned that the referees made it clear in the beginning that the game would be led in very strict and tight rules, and therefore we played 2 minutes 4 on 5. To be honest, girls made perfect job, they destroyed all chances Team Århus have made. During our penalty, made Team Århus few shots on our net, but Simone (our goalie) got it under control. On behalf of that, really good job. The second period ended 5:1 for Team Århus.

The third period started in really good pace from both sides, but unfortunately for us was Team Århus more productive and they scored again in time 41:47. We started to make harder pressure and finally in time 44:51 we broke the ice again and Nika scored our second goal after an individual action. Our very active game and very dangerous shots on the opponent´s net led to a 2 minutes penalty for Team Århus for hard play. We had really nice combinations and shots but again no shooting luck, if i can say that, otherwise I have no words for that, because the shots were good. Team Århus survived the penalty and they simply had to answer on our activity, so we got under pressure and Nina got 2 minutes penalty for blocking the stick in time 51:20. It has to be mentioned that Nina was defending a player in very dangerous situation in front of our net where that player could shoot in the almost empty net. But girls made really good performance again and we survived the second penalty almost without any dangerous situation from Team Århus. Our activity gained another great success in time 53:50 Nika scored our and her third goal in the game after a nice "one-woman show". We kept pushing and in time 59:45 there was a fault made on Nika by Team Århus which led to a penalty shot for us. Mie Sofie was chosen to perform a penalty shot and after really great work she scored. The game finished 6:4 for Team Aarhus.

To sum up the match, all of Black Swans made an excellent job on the field, and it was really nice to see them being so active and focused even though, there were some mistakes we need to repair together. I just hope that this was the beginning we were waiting for and we will see the same or better performance in the rest of the season. Thank you.

Navn Mål Assists Point Udv.
Veronika Sielnikova 3 0 3 0
Mie Sofie Sørensen 1 0 1 0
Jeanette Jørgensen 0 0 0 0
Lisbeth Nielsen 0 0 0 0
Malin B. Gandrup 0 0 0 0
Mie Andersen 0 0 0 0
Nina Hansen 0 0 0 2
Rikke Storm Holm 0 0 0 0
Simone Moretto 0 0 0 0
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